When God Seems Distant

Have you ever been in a season where you’re crazy busy? So busy that even God starts to get put on the back burner? You feel like you’re on an island and God is in the middle of the ocean. I don’t know about you but I have, pretty recently actually and quite honestly. It sucks. You feel completely alone, but God is right there, I promise.

See, God never leaves. He’s unfailing and always with you, waiting for you to cry out to Him. For weeks I felt so, so alone. The devil had my head so clouded that I did not even realize how far I had gotten. One night it just clicked, I realized I do not have to beg Him to come back when He never left.

But how do you get so far away?

  1. What has been your number one priority?

Work, school, life in general.. SOmetimes we get faced with so much we forget to focus on the One who controls it all, and we let the situation control us.

2. How do you spend your time?

How do you nurture earthly relationships? Time. You spend time talking and just being in their presence to get to know someone. You focus on them so your relationship can grow. Do you nurture your relationship with God?

         3. Are you focusing on the struggle or the Father?

Sometimes we truly have a one track mind. Our minds become completely wrapped up in what we’re facing, and for some reason, we think we have to face it all alone. We distance ourselves from God when the only way to truly overcome is by trusting God and His process.

Consider these things and then curl back up to our sweet Abba.

Thank you Lord. Thank you for loving me through all circumstances. Through the highs and the lows, when I’m close and when I’m far away. Thank you for it all.