Maybe God Wants Us Lonely

I know that kind of sounds awful, but it’s in those moments when you feel like it’s you against the world where you can more fully understand God’s unfailing presence.


Sometimes, maybe God wants us to be lonely. I know that kind of sounds awful, but it’s in those moments when you feel like it’s you against the world where you can more fully understand God’s unfailing presence.

Loneliness is awful when sent by the enemy, it can strike at any moment. The enemy doesn’t care if you actually have a huge support system or no one at all. Loneliness doesn’t factor in age, gender, race, or any of that when choosing its victims. See, the devil wants to get in your head any way he can, and in this day and age when having tons of friends and a significant other is the main focus everywhere we look, why would he not choose that route to attack? He wants to come in and make you so focused on worldly relationships and emotions so that you lose sight of God. He wants to hide from you the fact that God is always there.

Sweet friends, instead of falling prey to this trap or even attempting to run and hide from it, God desperately wants us to draw closer to him. Our sweet Abba wants us to crawl into His lap so He can embrace us and guide us through the pain. It’s in these tender moments where we begin to understand God’s unfailing presence. Through the loneliness is where we can gain an even deeper, intimate relationship with our Father. In Matthew 28:20, Jesus even says,

“Surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

With Jesus constantly with us, how could we ever be lonely? I pray that Jesus’ sweet words comfort you, through this moment of loneliness or maybe even a full season of it. Want to know the best weapon to defend yourself from the loneliness? Prayer. The best part about prayer is: God’s ears are open twenty-four seven, you only need to speak to Him. David says in Psalms, “Where can I flee from you?” . The answer to that? Nowhere. Absolutely nowhere. Take comfort in that and call on Him to cover you with protection and give you peace.

10 thoughts on “Maybe God Wants Us Lonely

  1. Thank you for your post, I appreciate your reminder of God unfailing presence, unconditional love and that our best defense is prayer. There are many realities that we can’t change ( for example my husband’s demanding job) but I can change how I respond to it. Thank you, you have no idea how much I needed to read this today! Blessings my friend!

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  2. I have had to think this on through more than a few times. You’d think a mother of two barbarians, and a sailor’s wife would be surrounded by people and never feel lonely, but the truth is I often feel alone. That’s when I cling to God the most though. It’s when my relationship with Him grows stronger. We really truly never are alone when we are in Christ. Great post!

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  3. Thanks sis! I was about to blog, but refused to, as I was in my flesh, focused solely on my feelings of loneliness. Married, but alone every time I turn around, or am I really! God, the Father, Jesus, the Son, and the Holy Ghost is right here with me. Surely, I am not alone!! I appreciate you shedding light on the fact that those feelings are just another trick and trap of the enemy. Now I am free to share about something meaningful. I am determined to be used by God and not manipulated by feelings. Blessings sis!

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